For a quick response to your request for quotation:

Lem Labs provides Engineering design and precision machining services.

Lem Labs Engineers possess a breadth of skills and experience from a diverse background.

Our adaptive skills and ingenuity allow us to be competitive in pricing and lead-time with even the most complex Engineering problems.

Lem Labs maintains a competitive edge by growing with technology so that we can offer the speed and accuracy you demand.

What Lem Labs can offer you:

+ Expedited delivery times to help customers maintain their competitive edge

+ Aggressive use of CAM software for optimizing tool paths and surface finish on complex surfacing

+ Dynamic work environment allows adaptation to meet your specific needs

+ Hardware design and analysis

+ Electronics & hardware integration or assembly

+ Climate controlled inspection and lab areas

+ Awareness for ESD sensitive devices

+ Decades of experience with design and testing

Our Engineers can assist you in optimizing your design: selection of materials, weight reduction and design analysis.

We comfortably work with a wide variety of materials including but not limited to:

-Alloy tool steels
-Stainless steels
-Cast & wrought iron

-Other refractory metals

Polymers & Elastomers
-Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
-Teflon® (PTFE)
-Nylon/polyamide (PA)
-Polycarbonate (PC)
-Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)
-ESD plastics
-IGUS® products
-Delrin®/Acetal (POM)
-Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
-High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Ceramics & Composites
-Carbon fiber products
-Glass fiber epoxy resin
-Machinable ceramics

Utilizing the latest from Haas Automation
VF-2SSYT Super-Speed
Vertical Milling Centers

+30" x 20" x 20" capacity
+30HP direct-drive, 15000 RPM spindles
+1400 inches per minute rapid feedrates
+1.6 second tool changes
+25 pocket, side-mount tool changers
+Renishaw Wireless Probing System for in-machine, part inspection
+Spindle orientation and rigid taping
+High-Speed Machining Optimization

Machining Services

(7) CNC Vertical Milling Machines
-Robotics chassis
-Custom electronics enclosures
-Precision test equipment
-Hybrid injection molds
-Tombstone fixturing
-RF Microwave housings
-Product prototypes
-Complex 3D surfacing
-Machine engraving
-Large & small hole boring
-Thread milling

Takisawa Toolroom Lathe
-Sabot & dummy projectiles
-Internal/external profiling
-Hole boring
-Internal/external threading

Chevalier FSG-6182A Grinder
-Critical vacuum seal finishing
-Precision surface/form grinding

Harig OD grinding (0.00005" TIR)
-Firearm production tooling
-Angled, race and slot grinding
-Tooling modification

-Box/pan brake
-Sheet/tube forming & bending
-Chassis/frame fabrication

-Vibratory finishing
-Sand blasting
-Glass peening
-Chemical Film (MIL-C-5541C, Class 1A)

In-House Inspection

(2x) Renishaw Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Wireless Inspection Probes

Mitutoyo High Precision Absolute Digital Height Gauge with Data Output (0.00005” resolution)

24” Mitutoyo Height gauge

18” Mitutoyo Height gauge

(2x) Rock of Ages Inspection Granite Surface Plate (36” x 24”)

Toolroom Surface Plates (24” x 18”) (12” x 12”)

MicroVu Optical Comparator with Surface Illumination

Meyer Inspection Gauge Pins (Z Class, “Minus”) 0.011” to 0.75” in 0.001” increments

Vermont & other Toolroom Gauge Pins (ZZ Class, “Minus”) 0.011” to 0.75” in 0.001” increments

6” to 24” Mitutoyo Vernier and Dial Calipers

Mitutoyo External Micrometers 0”-1” to 3”-4” with 0.00005” resolution

Starrett & other External Micrometers 0”-1” to 11”-12” with 0.001” resolution

Interapid, Starrett & Mitutoyo Indicators with 0.0001” resolution

Mitutoyo Internal Micrometers 0.2”-1.2” to 3”-4”

Mitutoyo Bore Gauges & Rings 0.4" to 6"

Standard, Metric and NPT Thread Gages (Internal & External)

Thread Pitch Micrometers

Gage Blocks (made in Sweden)